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Elvex FM Radio Earmuffs

Good morning!

I was wanting to take a moment to express my pleasure with the Relax Com-80R series.  I have owned the set for approx. 1 year and am thrilled by the performance and DURABILITY.  Durability in that I have a small farm and had set the unit on a rear tractor wheel.  I got off the tractor on one side and back on on another and moved forward.  You guessed it.  I heard a crunch looked back and saw my hearing protection/headphones on the ground. Thankfully the ground was dirt.  I pulled the unit up from where it was mashed in the ground.  I had approx. 3 pieces in my hand.  The headband with both left and right shells attached. One still complete.  The other had come apart from the shell with the speaker still secured in the shell. The foam cushion had come off and the speaker housing off.  After getting over being mad at myself for being so careless I looked the unit over and all I had to do was clean out the dirt, place the speaker back in it's spot, place it in the cushion and snap it back together.  The unit worked as good as the day I bought them. I wouldn't suggest doing this on hard surface or being as careless as I was.  I just felt that I need to write and express my satisfaction of the product and it's durability.  If you need a spokesman I'm the man.  I just wish I had taken pictures.  It truly was hard to believe. 

Thanks for your time,
 Rich Klein
 Madison Fla.


I wish to thank the people and the Elvex corp. for making good on your products. I had problems with my headset am/fm radio and sent it in for repair. Being that the unit could not be repaired you sent me another headset. It is not often that a company will stand behind their product without a lot of red tape. I will always recommend your products to my friends.

Thank you,

Jimmy Smith
Americus, Georgia

Greetings Elvex:

I ordered and got my muffs fore' I could sit down! Great service and product. Like doing business years ago, got what I expected and more. I would recommend these muffs to anyone with Tinnitus for masking, plus the sound is top shelf.

Stephen Hooper

Elvex Earmuffs

Just a quick note to let you know my thoughts on the ear muffs I ordered. After three weeks use, all I can say is Thank you. You have made my job as a musician easier. I used to wear ear plugs, but they do a number on my ear canals. But with the HB-5000 muffs, no longer do I need plugs. No more rolling them up with dirty fingers and showing them into my head. The HB-5000 blocks as much and it is simple. On or off, no more hassles.

Thank you for a fine product,
Harold Rydell

Elvex Safety Glasses

Great glasses!!!

Just received my bifocal safety glasses, they are very nice! It will be so wonderful to be able to wear one pair of glasses at work, and not have to keep changing back and forth from safety to reading glasses. The price is very reasonable, I was looking at spending over a hundred dollars for a pair of prescription lenses with side shields. I have printed your web page and will take it to my eye doctor to show him that they do make lightweight bifocal safety glasses that look just like everyone else's at work. Thanks again for coming to the rescue.

Mark Hammond

XTS Safety Glasses

I would like to thank you for providing a great product in your safety glasses. I own a pair of your SG-24 Safety glasses. I wear them while I shoot my custom riffle. I was shooting last week when something got into my barrel. As you will see in the attached pictures my barrel didn't like it and split like a banana peel. Thank god that I had your safety glasses on at the time because a small piece of my barrel broke off and struck the glass (they did crack a bit and I will have to replace them).

Anyways I just wanted to pass along a thank you and also see if there are any dealer in Edmonton Alberta?? I can not find anyone that sells your product here......

Webmaster's note: We have had one report stating that this is a bogus claim.

Todd Kelly

Elvex Goggles

I want to thank you for having a durable, effective, and cost efficient product with the Visionaire Dual Lens Safety Goggles #GG-35-AF. I have been using the Visionaire Goggles for a month now, and the lens fogging problem I have been experiencing with another brand of goggles has been eliminated with the Visionaire's. Thanks again for a wonderful product. I look forward to doing future business with Elvex.

Henry Lindsay
Shift Supervisor


Elvex Chain Saw Chaps

Dear Elvex,

Great product!!! I am the safety coordinator of a public utility in California. The other day one of our employees slipped and struck his leg with a running chainsaw. The bar hit his left leg just below his pant pocket on the thick part of the thigh muscle and left a 5 ¼ slash in the Pro-Chaps. The fiber in the chaps quickly did its job by stopping the chain and our employee was spared a life threatening injury. Because he wore your product our most important asset, our employee, went home that night to his family safe and unharmed.

Thanks again,

Derek Davis
Safety Coordinator
Oakdale Irrigation District, CA

July 21, 2009

Dear Elvex,

Your product saved us again!  One of our employees was on a brush clearance project when he slipped and his chain saw struck his left leg.  This is the second time an Elvex product has saved one of our employees from a serious and potentially  life threatening injury. 

Thanks again,

Derek Davis
Safety Coordinator
Oakdale Irrigation District, CA


We wanted to let your company know about an experience we recently had with Elvex ProChaps. Our employees were engaged in a clearing process at a job site that involved pushing down trees and cutting off the stumps. One of our saw men was making an undercut and when he pulled out the saw from the undercut to make his top cut, he lost his balance. To try to stop his fall, he leaned forward to try to compensate and attempt to regain his balance  and the saw blade came down across his left upper leg. Luckily, he was wearing the Elvex ProChaps and the chain stopped immediately, preventing any injury to our employee.

We feel that any time a potentially serious injury such as this is prevented, the product deserves special recognition.

George Porter
Safety Officer
Pleasant Excavating Company

Dear Sirs:

I work for the state of New Jersey in the highway maintenance department. Recently we were given your ProChaps for use with our chainsaws. We were out cutting trees when one of the persons lost his footing. What would have been at least a major injury or worse was averted thanks to your product. The men in the crew now refuse to go out cutting anything without this safety item your company makes. .................

From the entire crew at West Orange D.O.T. thanks for making such a great product!

R. Gulin
Assistant Crew Supervisor
New Jersey Dept. of Transportation

In my line of work, I use a chain saw on a daily basis. It was not until recently that I realized how important chain saw chaps are. While using a STIHL 028 for brush cutting, the tip of the bar wedged between two trees. The saw back lashed, and the full weight of the spinning chain slashed into my left leg. I could feel the saw tearing into chaps and was very relieved to find that I had suffered no harm. As a firm believer in safety I believe that chaps should be mandatory during any chain saw use.

Steve Moraruf

Dear Elvex:

Your chainsaw chaps recently saved my knee. If I had not been wearing them my wound would have resulted in about a hundred stitches and probably the loss of my lower leg. Your chaps proved to be a real life saver. I was putting the saw down to push a tree over, but the saw had not stopped. It caught me right across the knee. I cut through one layer of Prolar, but the Prolar effectively clogged the sprocket as well. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Jorian Fairley

Dear Sir or Madame:

I have been cutting trees for 25 years. Even though I am not a professional logger I harvest at least 10 cords a year to feed the outdoor wood furnace. Over the years I have used various brands of chaps in case of an accident. For the past three years I have been using Elvex chaps and I have found them superior. Recently when cutting some heavily damaged trees from last Decembers ice storms I had a chance to see just how good these chaps are. The tree I was cutting had quite a bit of tension on it from being bent over.... After I made the necessary cuts to feel the tree, I was particularly concerned that it would spring back before I finished the cut. Unfortunately my whole attention was on the tree and its movement, so when I withdrew the saw the still moving chain got caught on my chaps.  By the time I looked down the chain was stopped and some of the chain stopping ingredients (the Prolar fibers) were hanging from my chaps..... Thank you for making a superior product. I would recommend these chaps to anyone who cuts trees and value their legs.

Ann Russell

Elvex Quattro Earplugs

Please forward this to as necessary.

Hi, my name is Cary Reichbach and I'm one of the directors of Phantom Records. One of our young, recording artists, female singer/songwriter Alex Bach, is a strong proponent of hearing protection.  She's the only rock musician I've ever known that carries around Elvex™ in her purse and clipped to her key chain.

At first I thought it was just one of her eccentricities and paid little to no attention to her strict use of them at any and all rehearsals and live performances. Being around loud music all of my life, my hearing had gradually diminished but it was so subtle that I never noticed. One day, Ms. Bach nagged me enough to force me to wear ear plugs in the recording studio. She clipped a pair to my key chain as well as one to every member of her bands as well.

Today, we never go anywhere without them, and all of us have noticed a significant return of our hearing. We'll be leaving with the Pentagon's Armed Forces Entertainment commission next month to the Persian Gulf. There, Alex and her band will be performing for the US and British coalition troops in Kuwait and Iraq. You can bet we'll all be taking our Elvex ear plugs with us!

Phantom Management

General Comments

Dear Sirs:

Thank you for your courteous service. It is the exception rather than the rule these days to deal with individuals or a company who make an effort to act promptly in response to a request for something they might not consider worth the time or trouble.

Wendy K. Anthony
Spruce Dale Fabrications

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