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Chainsaw Protective Clothing


Chainsaw Chaps, Elvex ProChaps™ & Elvex ProVests™

          Logger with Chain Saw Chaps and Vest        

Pictures: ProChaps, JE-9039, and ProVest. ProChaps, JE-9436.

Elvex chainsaw chaps meet the requirements of ASTM Standard for Leg Protection for Chain Saw Users (F-1897-2008). This standard requires that the chaps can stop a chain saw running at 2,750 feet/minute tested at both 45 degrees and 90 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the test sample, under controlled laboratory conditions. Compliance tests are performed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in accordance with ASTM F-1414, Measurement of Cut Resistance to Chain Saw Lower Body Protective Clothing. The performance requirements previously were 2500 feet per minute chain speed.

Key Features

Chaps Elvex ProChaps are available in the following lengths, 28", 33". 36" and 39". The length is measured from the belt to the bottom of the chap.
Chaps Elvex ProChaps use Prolar™ lightweight protective pads described below.
Chain Saw Chaps Elvex 90 series chainsaw chaps use a 420 denier Nylon cover
material, and have two sets of quick connect leg buckles.
Chain Saw Chaps Elvex 94 series chaps use 1,000 denier (Cordura) Nylon cover
material, and have three sets of quick connect leg straps and buckles.
Chain Saw Chaps Elvex 91 series chaps add wrap around protection around the calves. This model uses 1,000 Denier Nylon.
Chain Saw Chaps Elvex ArborChaps™ is a chap designed for home owners. It meets the same performance requirements as our pro models, but does not come with a pocket. This model uses a hunter green 420 denier shell fabric, and has an adjustable length. 
Chain Saw Chaps All Elvex ProChaps are equipped with a front zippered pocket

        Wraparound chaps      Arborchaps, one size fits all.

Pictures: ProChaps, JE-9136, with calf protection and ArborChaps, JE-8000.

        Wraparound chaps

Pictures: Pro Wedge Pouch™

A completely new addition to the industry leading ELVEX chain saw protection line, an innovative wedge pouch that has been designed to attach to the sawyers belt. There is ample room for two large wedges, one small wedge, a wrench and a chain saw file, all safely within reach of the sawyer in the field.

What is Prolar™

        Prolar Protective fibers at work, jamming a chainsaw/

Prolar is Elvex brand name for our exclusive chainsaw protective pad. Prolar is not a static product, but is going through continuous development, in order to improve the compromise between performance and comfort. The unique explosive action of Prolar works by jamming the chain against the bar and sprocket. Prolar combines light weight and flexibility for superior user acceptance while providing highly effective protection. Elvex Prolar pads have been tested by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) for conformance to ASTM F-1897-2008. This test establishes a pass or fail in regards to the 2,750 feet per minute requirement.

Product Name Product Number Product Description Suggested
List Price
Pro Wedge Pouch™ JE-WP Wedge Pouch w/Belt Loop, 1000 Denier, 3.5" Wide Pouch for Wedges, 2" Wide Pocket Holds Wrench & Saw File, 13"Long, Side Vents, Orange $10.95



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