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Electronic Hearing Protection

Communications and FM Radio Earmuffs!

Electronic Hearing Protection can be divided into two main categories, products intended to improve short range communications in noisy environments, and products intended to provide entertainment during work or play. Names like Noise Canceling Ear Muffs, Active Ear Muffs are terms sometimes used to describe this type of products. However, the technology used is not noise cancellation but rather different compression and filtration techniques. Also FM radio earmuffs are included in the electronic hearing protection category.

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  Elvex Guide: Guided factory tours can be challenging when the environment is noisy. Take visitors, suppliers or VIPs on factory tours, and explain the manufacturing process.

General person to person communications in noisy environments can also be facilitated with Elvex Guide System for instruction, training, plant trouble shooting.

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  Elvex AwareAm/Fm radio with Aware technology allowing user to hear the environment and communicate with coworkers while being fully protected. Outside battery compartment and input jack for i-pods and com radios.

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Elvex QuieTunes Am/Fm, Com-660, is a high performance Am/Fm radio earmuff. Offered in both alkaline battery and rechargeable models. Ergonomic controls. Auto shutoff after 4 hours. Input jack for i-pods and com radios. Read more......

  Elvex Level Dependent, Com-655. It is equipped with an impact filter that electronically eliminates impulse type of sounds, such as gun fire. Circuitry also transmits frequencies between 400 and 4,000 Hz. Com-655 also has an input jack. Read more...
  Elvex Plug-in™ Com-610 ear muff can be connected to Com radios, CD players, FM radios and similar devices, if they are equipped with coiled cord, equipped with a 3.5 mm plug. Three additional adapters in order to fit most devices. Read more .....

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