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Hearing Protection, Ear Muffs

This page provides links to ten different models of ear muffs.  Links to  other hearing protection pages appear at the bottom of each page in order to make it easier to navigate our site. Enjoy your tour!



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HB-10-Slim, Sonic Slim™, Low Profile Foldable Muff, 8.1 oz. /230 g., Black, NRR 21, clamshell packagingRead more....


HB-650, Elvex UltraSonic™, our newest high performance ear muffs with a Noise Reduction Rating of 29 dB. This earmuff has been designed to provide excellent full spectrum attenuation, as well as superb low frequency attenuation. Read more....


HB-550, Elvex UltraSonic™ also comes in a foldable model, ideal for jobs and hobbies that are mobile. Also available with a micro fiber storage bag. Read more ....



HB-640, Elvex Flat-Liner™ earmuff is designed with full time use in mind. The low profile ear cup, light weight and low pressure make this hearing protector easy to tolerate for long work shifts. Flat-Liner offers an adequate 26 dB NRR. However the focus with this model is to make an ultimately comfortable earmuff.  Read more....



HB-5000, Elvex SuperSonic™ muff is one of only a few ear muffs that have achieved a 29 dB NRR rating at an independent and certified laboratory in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974. Read more....



HB-2000, Elvex Equalizer™ ear muff may be the ultimate compromise between comfort and performance. It offers most of the features of the SuperSonic hearing protector, but has a lower profile ear cup, and excellent comfort. Read more....



HB-35, Elvex MaxiMuff™ provides all the features and performance without the price that normally is associated with a high performance product. MaxiMuff has a 28 dB NRR rating and a 30 dB SNR rating. Read more....



HB-25, ValueMuff: Most buyers and users of ear muffs are looking for a product that offers great looks, good comfort and attenuation at a  reasonable price. ValueMuff™ is rated at 25 dB NRR and this is sufficient for 90% of all noise environments. Read more....



HB-3000, Elvex CoolGuard™ and BrushGuard™ combine hearing and face protection into one integrated product. Read more ....



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