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Ear Plugs, Hearing Protection

This introductory ear plugs page has links to Elvex pages with disposable and reusable ear plugs, as well as banded ear plugs and canal caps. Links are also provided to our main pages for ear muffs and communications

Product Picture Description Noise Reduction Rating
A new generation of Elvex Blue, with a unique tapered design, is made from softer foam and is easier to insert, which results in a higher NRR. Read more .... 32 dB
A new generation of Elvex Uni-Fit disposable ear plugs are made from ultra-soft slow expansion foam. They are easier to insert and therefore provide higher attenuation (32 dB NRR). Read more..... 32 dB
Elvex Quattro is a four flange ear plug made from an ultra-soft polymer, allowing excellent comfort and also ease of insertion. Quattro is available in four versions, corded and un-corded. U.S. Military National Stock Numbers. Read more....  25 dB
Banded ear canal caps or pods are sometimes preferred over both ear plugs and ear muffs. In situations where earplugs have to be removed frequently, a canal cap can provide greater convenience. Read more.... 18-23 dB
Elvex product range includes eight models of headband style ear muffs, and four different ear muff models designed for mounting on safety caps and hard hats. Read more..... 25-29 dB
Electronic Hearing Protection can be divided into two main categories, products intended to improve short range communications in noisy environments, and products intended to provide entertainment during work or play. Also FM radio earmuffs are included in the electronic hearing protection category. Read more.... 25-27 dB

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