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Earmuffs - Hearing Protection


Earmuffs are available with plastic as well as stainless steel headbands. The performance of Earmuffs available on the market range from about 15 dB to 29 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). Three dB represents a doubling of the effectiveness! Elvex Earmuffs are rated from 25 dB to 29 dB NRR!

SuperSonic™ 29 Earmuffs, HB-5000


Elvex SuperSonic earmuffs have achieved one of the highest rating of 29 dB NRR from an independent and Certified laboratory.

Earmuffs Highest attenuation
Ear Muffs Lowest weight in its class and the lowest headband force
Earmuffs Fully dielectric construction
Ear Muffs Softest ear cushions
Earmuffs Competitively priced
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Equalizer™ Earmuffs, HB-2000


Elvex Equalizer earmuffs may represent the ultimate compromise between performance and comfort.

Earmuffs  It provides a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 27 dB from a certified laboratory.
Earmuffs  Equalizer's unique patented headband design (also used on the SuperSonic muff) provides a consistent headband force for all different head sizes.
Earmuffs  Construction is fully dielectric.
Earmuffs  SuperSeal cushions provide ultimately comfortable fit.

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UltraSonic™ high performance ear muffs

 UltraSonic high performance ear muffs provide 29 dB NRR and have exceptional low frequency attenuation.  
UltraSonic, HB-650

Optional storage bag, SGB-30



Elvex UltraSonic earmuff is our newest high performance earmuff with a Noise Reduction Rating of 29 dB. This earmuff has been designed to provide excellent full spectrum attenuation, as well as superb low frequency attenuation. Ultrasonic uses a fork style headband for even distribution of the pressure, and improved balance required for extra deep ear cups.

    29 dB NRR from certified US laboratory ANSI S3.19-1974  
    34 dB SNR as tested by certified European laboratory to CE EN-352-1
    Superb full spectrum and low frequency attenuation
    Extra wide ear cushions for highest comfort
    Soft padded headband with low force
    Steel headband tolerates temperature extremes
    Solid construction
   You get the ultimate performance and comfort with this muff

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Flat-Liner™, Maximum Comfort

 Flat-Liner ear muffs are designed to maximize comfort.  
FlatLiner Muff, HB-640 Optional storage bag, SGB-30




Maximum Comfort

Elvex Flat-Liner was originally designed to provide flat attenuation for 500 Hz and up, but the market has shown no interest in this concept. That's why we have redesigned this product to offer a medium level of attenuation and absolutely maximum level of comfort. This is how we maximized comfort:
  This earmuff is designed to address the issue of having the right protection, and maximum comfort.
  Low headband force
  Wide ear cushions in order to distribute the force over a larger surface area
  Soft ear cushions with an expanded vinyl for a subtle feel against the skin
  A soft , padded headband
  Steel headband tolerates temperature extremes without losing force
  26 dB NRR from certified U.S. laboratory to ANSI S3.19-1974.
  32 SNR from certified European laboratory to CE EN-352-1
  This earmuff may just have the right attenuation for most noise environments.

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Elvex MaxiMuff, HB-35


Elvex MaxiMuff earmuffs, with 28 dB Noise Reduction Rating, tested at an independent and certified laboratory is priced 40-50% below corresponding competitive earmuffs in this performance class. MaxiMuff features:

Earmuffs Great comfort, SuperSeal ear cushions and a soft headband cushion
Earmuffs High Noise Reduction Rating, certified 28 dB
Earmuffs Certified European SNR of 30 dB
Earmuffs Lasting quality in materials and workmanship
Earmuffs Unbeatable price for a high attenuation ear muuff.

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Elvex ValueMuff™, HB-25


With ValueMuff you get the most for your money. No other earmuff offers a NRR of 25 dB at a comparable price! Still you will get one of the most comfortable earmuffs available.


Earmuffs Highest attenuation in its class, 25 dB NRR
Earmuffs European SNR rating of 28 dB
Ear Muffs Light weight construction
Earmuffs Low headband force
Ear Muffs Three position headband
Earmuffs Suggested resale below $10.00
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