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This is an introductory page for face shields and face protection products with links to several specialized product pages. You will be able to learn more about specific face shield applications, such as impact, chemical splash and radiation clicking on the pictures or descriptions below. Enjoy your tour!


This page shows different carriers for face shields, such as Headgear and Visor Brackets for safety helmets. Page also shows a listing of materials and measurements of Elvex full line of face shields.

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This page shows Elvex full line of face shields in pictures. It is sometimes easier to find what you need by looking at this presentation.

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  This page shows Elvex arc shields and Visor Bracket, and provides guidance to electric arc protection requirements.

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  Our new line, Flash-Pro™ Electric ARC Hood systems are designed to maximize worker safety and protect them from thermal energy releases of 40 cal/cm² and lower.

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Face Shield Performance Requirements according to ANSI Z87.1-2010.

Face shields are tested to ANSI Z87.1-2010, and below you will find a summary of the Requirements and Test Procedures.



Minimum Thickness 1.0 mm (.039 in) at thinnest point
High Mass Impact Face shield shall be capable of resisting impact from a pointed projectile weighing 500g (17.6 oz.) dropped from a height of 127 cm (50 in.).
High Velocity Impact Face shield shall be capable of resisting impact from a 6.35 mm (1/4 in) diameter steel ball traveling at a velocity of 91.4 mps (300 fps). For sample size of 20, no failure may occur.
Drop-Ball Impact Basic impact requirement for all devices: 1 inch diameter steel ball weighing 86 g (2.4 oz) dropped at 127 cm (50 inches)
Penetration Test Face shield shall be capable of resisting penetration from a weighted projectile weighing 44.2 g (1.56 oz) dropped from a height of 127 cm (50 in).
Prismatic Power The prismatic power shall not exceed 0.37 prism diopter in any direction. Vertical and horizontal prism imbalance shall not exceed 1/4 prism diopter and horizontal prism imbalance shall not exceed 0.125 diopter "base in" or 0.75 diopter "base out".
Refractive Power and Astigmatism No requirement
Haze Lenses shall not exhibit more than 3% haze, when tested in accordance with....
Optical Quality No striae, bubbles, waves or other visible defects that would impair optical quality is allowed.
Transmittance Clear and filter plano lenses shall comply with table one of Z87.1. Special purpose lenses shall comply with Table 2.
Cleanability After cleaning the function of the face shield shall not be impaired.
Markings Lens: Manufacturers mark, and if applicable "S" for lenses with less than 85% visible light transmission. 

All major components shall bear Manufacturers mark and shall be marked "Z87"


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