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High performance anti-fog coated goggles and hybrid goggles for impact, chemical splash and dusty conditions. Click on pictures below for more information.


Visionaire goggle is available with a dual lens for superior anti-fog performance.

The Visionaire goggle models offer a modern design with a base six Polycarbonate lens, and is also available with a dual lens for superior anti-fog properties.

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Legionnaire goggle represents and inexpensive anti-fog solution.

Elvex Legionnaire™ is Elvex product entry into the more economical goggle market segment. In spite of its lower price, this goggle offers a full range of features and benefits

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  GG-40, Go-Specs is a hybrid of a goggle and a safety glass. It has a foam lining in order to keep dust and debris out of the eyes.

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  GG-45, Go-Specs II, is our second generation hybrid. In addition to a foam lining, this model is equipped with a strap, that swivels for a great fit.

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  GG-45, Go-Specs II (New generation, available February 2012). Dual temple system, ballistic rated, anti-fog coated. Read more ....  
  GG-15, Go-Specs III is our most economical version of a foam lined spectacle.

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