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Hearing conservation videos-Educational material


Causes and types of hearing loss

Duration: 1:05 minutes

Elvex Ear Muff Video Demonstration

Duration: 1:15 minutes 

Hearing conservation video from SafetycareOnline

Duration: 5:21 minutes

Our ability to hear is important to us in many ways. By far the most important aspect of our hearing is the ability it gives us to hear other people speak. It enables us to interact with people, to listen, to learn, and to easily communicate. This program covers:

  • Causes of Hearing Loss
  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss The basic facts
  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss What damage is done to the ear
  • Basic Facts about Sound and Noise
  • The Hearing Test & Audiogram
  • Noise Control Measures
  • Hearing Protection
  • PPE

Mine Safety and Health (MSHA) Hearing Conservation Video

Duration: 19:29 minutes

Hearing Loss, Vertigo and Facial Nerve Problems

Duration: 14:41 minutes


The Hearing Video by WorkSafeBC

Duration: 17:31 minutes

The Hearing Video was produced in the style of a TV science show, The Hearing Video uses vintage films, computer animation, and noise-defying stunts to demonstrate how your ears work and the effects of hazardous noise on your hearing. The video also demonstrates the proper use and maintenance of hearing protection and how to chose the right protection for you.



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