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Hearing Protection


This is an introductory hearing protection page with links to Elvex product pages for ear muffs, ear plugs, electronic hearing protection. You will be able to learn more about specific earmuffs and earplugs by clicking on the pictures or descriptions below.

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Hearing Protection: Performance Earmuffs

Earmuff type hearing protection, such as Elvex Equalizer and SuperSonic represent the most contemporary design and provide the highest level of performance. If ultimate comfort is your preference, the Equalizer may be your choice, and if maximum attenuation is your preference you may prefer the SuperSonic.

HB-2000, Equalizer, 27 dB NRR
HB-5000, SuperSonic, 29 dB NRR

Value Priced Ear Muffs

Hearing Protection: Value Earmuffs

Elvex MaxiMuff and ValueMuff are both examples of hearing protection that offer exceptional performance at an extraordinary price. Both are lightweight and offer low force headbands, as well as SuperSeal ear cushions.

HB-25, ValueMuff, 25 dB NRR (certified US test), 28 dB SNR (certified European test)
HB-35, MaxiMuff, 28 dB NRR (certified US test), 30 dB SNR (certified European test)

Communications and FM Radio Earmuffs!

Communications Earmuffs

Electronic Hearing Protection can be divided into two main categories, products intended to improve short range communications in noisy environments, and products intended to provide entertainment during work or play. Names like Noise Canceling Ear Muffs, Active Ear Muffs are terms sometimes used to describe this type of products. However, the technology used is not noise cancellation but rather different compression and filtration techniques. Also FM radio earmuffs are included in the electronic hearing protection category.

Click here for more information about Elvex electronic hearing protection!

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Hearing Protection: Foam Earplugs

Elvex Blue foam ear plugs are offered in corded and uncorded versions. Soft low pressure foam allows time for insertion. Both are available in attractive dispenser boxes.

EP-201, Elvex Blue, 29 dB NRR, 200 pairs per dispenser box
EP-211, Elvex Blue, Corded, 29 dB NRR, 100 pairs per dispenser box

Reusable Ear Plugs


Hearing Protection: Reusable Earplugs

Elvex Quattro reusable earplugs are made from a soft and durable polymer, that stays soft and flexible. Quattro is available corded and uncorded as well as with or without a carrying plastic container.

Elvex Quattro, EP-400 series, 25 dB NRR, 26 dB SNR 

Cap Mount Hearing Protection

Cap Mount Earmuffs

Elvex offers four models of cap mount hearing protection, with Noise Reduction Ratings from 24 dB to 28 dB. These models all allow integrated use of face protection.

Hearing and Face Protection Combos

 BrushGuard Hearing and Face Protection

Elvex BrushGuard was designed with operators of outdoor power equipment in mind. When using a line trimmer, power blower, edger or mower you are exposed to both noise and flying debris. The BrushGuard products are the perfect solution for these work environments, by providing both hearing and face protection in one lightweight combination.

HB-7000, BrushGuard, 27 dB NRR (certified US test)
BrushGuard uses a nylon mesh shield, NV-3000

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