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Safety Cap Warnings


What to do and not to do with your Safety Helmets or Hard Hats

Safety can be compromised by seemingly innocent actions. Take time to review the advice below.

  • Do not turn the suspension backwards in your safety cap, as is often done by welders. The safety cap has only been tested with the suspension mounted in the correct position.
  • Do not drill holes in the shell of the safety cap, in order to improve ventilation or to mount accessories. The holes can compromise the integrity of the helmet and it can destroy the electrical resistance.
  • Do not put objects (such as cooling pads) in between the suspension and the shell of your hard hat. The air space in between the suspension and the shell is required for the safety helmet to work as intended in absorbing an impact.
  • Do not apply stickers to your hard hat, since the adhesive may weaken the plastic used in the shell.

Actions to take regularly with your Safety Helmet or Hard Hat

  • Frequently inspect your safety helmet and its suspension for cracks, frays and discoloration. Replace system or component if any degradation can be observed.
  • Elvex recommends that the safety cap and suspension be replaced every 30 months, under normal working conditions, and more frequently under severe conditions.
  • If your work environment involves temperature extremes (high or low), exposure to sun light or the use of chemicals, you should consider making more frequent inspections and replacements.

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