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Safety Glasses for smaller facial profiles    

Safety glasses for smaller facial configurations need to be specially designed both in regards to style and size.

Elvex Avion

Avion-style, size and color for women!

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XTS, Sports glasses

XTS, Sports styled safety glasses for men and women!

XTS has been a popular style for both men and women, and this is the second generation of XTS with many improvements in style, fit and coverage. We have also added several new lens versions.

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Acer, Sophisticated safety glasses

Acer, sophisticated style for women!

Now and then a really unique frame style is developed. Acer offers all the features that users are looking for in a stylish safety glass. Acer has a sophisticated and "classy" look and feel, and offers a full coverage lens, with a floating design and soft rubber nose bridge for added comfort.

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Elvex Trix

Trix, safety glasses with high style!

High style combined with low cost!

Today's buyers demand style, comfort and economical pricing. The Trix safety glasses meet this bill and provide style at a very affordable price. The clear lens model of Trix (SG-17) has become our single best selling model.

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Elite, a universally popular style!

Elite safety glasses with semi-transparent blue frame and clear polycarbonate lens.

The frame designed for our bifocal safety glasses was so well liked by our test subjects that we decided to also offer it as a plain safety glass. Styling aside, this frame offers a soft rubber nose bridge as well as rubber tipped temples. Tested to ANSI Z87.1-2003 (Z87+).

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Elvex TTS, SG-15C and SG-15C-small

Sonoma, SG-350

Other smaller styles available!

Most safety glasses on the market today are a universal size design. This ends up being a compromise for many users. Smaller sizes are needed by many users, especially women.

Elvex TTS, SG-15C and SG-15C-small

Sonoma, SG-350


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