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Safety Glasses, Safety Eyewear, Eye Protection

This is an introductory page for safety glasses with links to 25 product pages for safety glasses, safety eyewear and safety goggles. You will be able to learn more about specific safety glasses and goggles by clicking on the pictures or descriptions below. Enjoy your tour!



Pricing is referencing clear lens model.
Suggested List price
  Flex-Pro™ has it All! Aggressive Style, Light Weight Comfort & Ballistic Protection. Read more.... $7.95
  VISUALLY improving the safety of glasses! Be seen at night or in low light conditions with patented Reflect-Specs™ Read more.... $5.25
  Introducing the New generation Sphere-X Ultimate with ventilated lens and V0 Ballistic Rating! Read more.... $5.50
  Read more ....Dual temple system, ballistic rated, anti-fog coated.GG-45, Go-Specs II. $11.95
  Now we fit more workers! Avion™ SF (slim-fit) has a slimmer design to fit and protect more facial profiles. Read more.... $5.50
  Check out our special selection of safety glasses for slimmer facial profiles that are specially designed to fit and look great! Read more.... N/A
  Brow-Specsare equipped with a Cushioned Brow-guard keeps debris out and has standard anti-fog lens! Check it out .... $9.15
  The Sonoma safety glass model is one of the best looking models in our product line. It fits a variety of facial configurations very well. Read more .... $8.60
  The Avion our No. 1 seller safety glass is stylish, sophisticated and Ballistic Vo Rated. Check it out .... $6.20
  The XTS, second generation safety glass is one of our best selling models. Nine different lens versions available, Rubber nose bridge and temples, Polarized version. Read more .... $7.65
  OVR-Spectacles, that are designed for use over the glasses. We have added a little more style here too. Check them out .... $8.40
  GG-40, Go-Specs is a hybrid of a goggle and a safety glass. It has a foam lining in order to keep dust and debris out of the eyes. Read more ..... $10.50
  SG-400, Atom is a lightweight, modern safety glass with all the bells and whistles at a very economical price. Check it out .... $4.35
  SG-12, Acer: This is our reincarnation of the Acer brand, and it is lightweight and fits very comfortably. Full coverage, with a floating lens design. Read more .... $6.45
  SG-17, Trix: High style combined with low cost is the motto for Trix safety glasses. Today's buyers of eye protection demand style comfort and economical pricing. This is our best selling model. Read more ..... $4.65
  SG-200, Elite: The Elite frame style is the same frame that we use in our RX-200. Our test subjects liked it so well that we decided to also offer it as a Plano safety glass. Read more .... $7.50
  SG-13, TNT (Dynamite) is our lowest priced model. It is stylish and comfortable, and does not compromise the safety aspect.  Read more ..... $3.65
  SG-14, Xenon: Xenon is our most lightweight safety glass. It combines style comfort and a low price! This new model is becoming a best seller. Read more..... $3.90
  SG-15, TTS: Since the "alien style" safety glasses have become the most popular style, we felt that adding an economical but equally protective version would be a smart move. Read more .... $1.79
  SG-25, Challenger: We have taken an accepted design and worked on perfecting the execution. This safety glass design has met with worldwide acceptance. Read more .... $9.50
  SG-27, OVR-Spec safety glasses are specially designed to be worn over prescription glasses. The lens has a flatter front curvature which helps minimize reflections. Temples adjust in angle and length. Read more .... $8.70
  SG-10, Ranger is our most basic eye protection, made from uncoated polycarbonate. This type of spectacles are sometimes called visitor specs. Read more ..... $3.65
  RX-100: Elvex bifocal safety glasses, RX-100, is the first product to integrate bifocal segments into a mono-lens glass with integrated side shields. Save over $100.00 per user compared to prescription safety glasses. Read more ..... $16.40
  RX-200 is fashion designed bifocal safety glass, with two individual base six lenses. Available in five bifocal powers. Soft rubber nose bridge and temple tips. Read more ..... $13.65
  RX-300 is our third generation of bifocal safety glasses. The RX-300 has a contemporary design and modern flair, but the wraparound lens offers a close fit and comfortable protection. Read more ..... $11.00
  RX-350 is maybe of most stylish bifocal safety glass. This is a 2010 model, launched during August of 2009. Read more .... $11.00
  RX-400 is our fourth generation bifocal safety glass. It is lightweight, comfortable and stylish. On top of that is is also our lowest cost bifocal. Read more .... $9.25
  RX-GG-40 is our first bifocal safety glass with a foam liner. It is a hybrid safety glass/google and it is designed to keep0 dust and debris out of the eyes! Read more ..... $15.00
  Visionaire Goggles GG-30, Visionaire: This combination impact and splash high performance goggle has a molded base six polycarbonate lens (2.2 mm thick). Anti-fog coated lens and indirect ventilation slots makes this a versatile product line. Read more ..... $9.70
  GG-25, Legionnaire: Our newest and least expensive performance goggle, offers impact and splash protection. Anti-fog lens and indirect ventilation. Molded PC lens. Read more..... $7.50
  GG-15, Go-Specs III is our third generation of foam line spectacles. It is equipped with soft padded temples and it is very lightweight. This model is our economy version. Read more .... $7.50
  Economy Laser Glasses. Read more ..... N/A

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