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Avion SF™                     


Now we fit more workers! Avion™ SF (slim-fit) has a slimmer design to fit and protect more facial profiles.

Avion SF, Black Temples lens

Avion SF, Blue Temples

Avion SF, Pink Temples

Avion SF, Anti Fog Clear Lens

Avion SF, Anti Fog Grey Lens

  • Frame is 10 mm slimmer than the standard Avion™ making it ideal for slender or narrower facial profiles.

  • Wrap-around, uni-lens design offers full panoramic view and excellent side protection.

  • Clear and Grey SuperCoat Anti-Fog coating available, provides long lasting, washable, anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-static protection

  • Ballistic V0 rated* for impact protection, 7x ANSI Z87+ energy. (4xZ87+ impact velocity)

  • Soft, flexible nose bridge minimizes slippage and provides all day comfort.

  • Soft, over molded temples keep eyewear comfortable and secure.

  • *Tested to US Military Standard MIL-PRF-31013 Impact Test.

Product Name Product Number Product Description Suggested
List Price
Avion SF SG-18C-Slim-BLK Clear HC/PC Lens, Black Temples, Slim Fit $5.50
Avion SF SG-18C-Slim-BLUE Clear HC/PC Lens, Blue Temples, Slim Fit $5.50
Avion SF SG-18C-Slim-PINK Clear HC/PC Lens, Pink Temples, Slim Fit $5.50
Avion SF SG-18C-AF-Slim-BLK Clear AF/PC Lens, Black Temples, Slim Fit $6.90
Avion SF SG-18G-AF-Slim-BLK Grey AF/PC Lens, Black Temples, Slim Fit $6.90


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