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2012 New Products
2011 New Products
Trade Show Schedule
Press Releases
Electric Arc Face Shields
DeTune, Electronic Earmuffs
Bifocal Reading Safety Glasses
QuieTunes FM Radio Earmuffs
Safety Glasses for Women
Elvex Quattro Reusable Earplugs
Frequently Asked Questions
Hearing Conservation Videos
What changes in the new ANSI Z87.1-2010
Facts About Noise #1: What is noise?
Facts About Noise #2: What is the maximum exposure?
Facts About Noise #3: What is NRR, SNR and HML
Facts About Noise #4: What's wrong with the Noise Reduction Rating?
Facts About Noise #5: What's wrong with Naive Subject Fit?
Facts About Noise #6: Conflicting Information on how to use the NRR
Facts About Noise #7, OSHA's Hearing Conservation Requirements
Facts About Noise #8: Check out the NRR formula!
Facts About Noise #9, What is Tinnitus?
Letter from a Tinnitus patent and author
Facts About Noise, Over protection
Attenuation chart for all Elvex hearing protectors
Work Related Hearing Loss and Compensation, NIOSH Article
Head Protection, Safety Helmet Warnings
Head Protection, Safety Helmets, ANSI Z89.1-2009
Eye Safety Videos
Light Transmission Chart for Elvex safety glass lenses
How strong are Polycarbonate Lenses?
High Impact Safety Glasses and ANSI Z87.1-2010
Ballistic Vo rated safety glasses (military standard)
How Light Affects the Eye
Polarized Safety Glasses
Eye Protection in the Workplace, 1,000 Eye Injuries per Day, OSHA document
Facts About Lasers, What is a Laser?
Facts About Lasers, Applications
Facts About Laser Eye Protection, Light Transmission and Optical Density
Chainsaw Injury Statistics
Head Protection, Safety Helmets, Safety Caps
Head Protection; Tectra Safety Helmet
Ear Plugs Start Page
New generation Uni-Fit disposable Earplugs
New generation Elvex Blue plugs
Reusable and Detectable Ear Plugs
Banded Ear Plugs
Ear Muffs Start Page
Hearing Protection, General
UltraSonic high performance earmuffs
Flat-Liner earmuffs with flat or level attenuation
Hearing and Face Protection Combos
Cap Mount Ear Muffs
Electronic Earmuffs, Start Page
Guide System for noisy environments
DeTune, Communications Earmuff
Impulse, Mil-Spec, Electronic muff for military, police, SWAT
Level dependent electronic earmuffs for industrial use
Impulse, Electronic Earmuffs for shooting and other impact noise
Ear muffs and safety glasses for shooting and hunting
QuieTunes AM/FM economy radio earmuffs
QuieTunes Pro AM/FM Radio Earmuffs
Aware, AM/FM Radio Earmuffs with environmental listening
Plug-in headset, connects to radio, CD or Com radio
Face Shield, Start Page
Face Protection for Headgear and Cap Mount
Face Shield Picture Presentation!
Electric ARC Protection Face Shields
Electric ARC Hoods
Safety Glasses, Start Page
Eye Protection
Cool Safety Glasses
Contemporary Safety Glasses
Acer Safety Glasses, SG-12
TNT, Dynamite Safety Glasses, SG-13
Xenon Safety Glasses, SG-14
TTS Safety Glasses, SG-15
Nano Safety Glasses, SG-16
Trix Safety Glasses, SG-17
Avion Safety Glasses, SG-18
UniWraps Safety Glasses, SG-20
XTS-II, The New SG-24
Challenger Safety Glasses, SG-25
OVR-Specs, SG-27
OVR-Spec, SG-37
Summit Safety Glasses, SG-28
Sphere-X Safety Glasses, SG-32
Elite Safety Glasses, SG-200
Atom Safety Glasses, SG-400
Economy Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses for Women
Closeout Safety Glasses
Reading Safety Glasses
Bifocal Safety Glasses
Bifocal Safety Glasses for Woodworkers
Atom Bifocal Safety Glasses, RX-400
Bifocals, the third generation
Safety Glass Accessories
Goggles Start Page
High Impact & High Performance Goggles
Anti-fog Goggles
Go-Spec, almost a goggle, GG-40
Go-Spec II, GG-45
Go-Spec II, GG-15
Laser Eye Protection
Economy Laser Eye Protection
Chain Saw Protection, Head, Face and Hearing Protection
Chain Saw Protection, Chaps and Vests
Chain Saw Gloves
Head Protection, Safety Caps, Hard Hats
Safety for the Shooting Sports
Tactical Safety Products for Law Enforcement, Military and Federal Forces
Tactical Safety Glasses
Tactical Hearing Protection, Ear Muffs
Tactical Hearing Protection, Ear Plugs
Photo gallery, glasses on white background
Download Elvex (PDF and HTML) Catalogs and Price Lists
Elvex Media Advertising
Safety Glass Displays
Web-site Banners, Animated and Static
Elvex Logos, (Use Requires Permission!)
Distributor Application

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